Valentine’s Day Preschool Snack Mix

At our son’s preschool, the parents take turns bringing the snacks. And when I found out my turn was coming around on the day of their Valentine’s Day celebration, I had to find something Valentine’s Day-themed, fun, and not too unhealthy. To Pinterest! I ended up finding not only an adorable recipe for a Valentine Snack Mix but also an inspiring new blog to follow, Mama Miss! I found these cupcake boxes on sale at Hobby Lobby to fill with the snack mix. Because I wasn’t sure if the boxes alone would keep the cereals fresh, I also picked up a box of Valentine-themed sandwich baggies at the dollar store.


I was able to find all the ingredients at a local store- Quaker Whole Hearts, Strawberry Frosted Mini Wheats, Welches Strawberry Fruit Snacks, SunMaid Yogurt Raisins, and the M&M Valentine’s Pink Mix. Freeze dried strawberries were a little expensive since I was making a huge batch for the school, so I just bought a few crates of strawberries and dried them in my Excalibur Dehydrator. Yum! I had to make extra dried strawberries for our own pantry!



The Valentine snacks were a hit with my little man, and according to him, the rest of the class as well. I packed the baggies full so everyone would have a little to take home for an after school snack! I was even lucky enough to have enough left over to make a couple movie snack bags for the husband and I. I struggled with my “eat one thing at a time” issue, I tend to pick through snack and trail mixes by item if not all out sorting them in front of me, but I’m working on it… Now that themed snack mixes are on my radar, I will definitely be making them for more¬†occasions!




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