St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Jars

Well… I had intended to post these in time for St. Patrick’s Day, but since I’m too late for that and too impatient to wait a whole year for leprechauns to be relevant again, let’s just be honest; no one is ever going to be disappointed about receiving a jar full of rainbow. Ever! You may be in need of a “cheer up” or “look at the bright side” gift. Or perhaps you’ve recently come into a plethora of Skittles and need something entertaining to do with them. Wait, I’m thinking rainbow-themed wedding or party favors! Or maybe you just have what I lack in patience and can look ahead to next year’s St. Patrick’s Day.


Making these rainbow jars is so much fun! My impulse to organize really brought me to enjoy sorting out rainbow-colored candy. Of course, you could get the fancy tropical Skittles for more colors if it really bothers you that blue is missing from our Skittle rainbow. These jars could also be done with M&Ms, but I think rainbows are supposed to taste fruity. Maybe that’s just me. I’ve probably been brainwashed by Skittles commercials.



Once you have your well-organized candy, pint mason jars, mini marshmallows, chocolate gold coins, and gold or green ribbon together, you’re ready to start making rainbow jar magic. Just a note, I actually found that the Skittles didn’t go as far as I was expecting. I filled 3 pint jars with 2 14 ounce bags of candy. Now, I actually had trouble finding gold chocolate coins in March. I see them everywhere around Christmas time, but I went 5 places before finally finding some at Walgreens. And they aren’t even the good chocolate coins that actually look like money; they’re the chunky ones that look like chocolate pucks dressed in gold paper with a print resembling play money. Oh well! Individually wrapped Rolos or other candy in gold paper would work too.


First, place chocolate gold coins in the bottom of your jar. Then, pour in Skittles in rainbow order- red, orange, yellow, green, purple, if you are using original Skittles. Finish off by packing marshmallows to the brim of the jar, enough that you have to press down a little, to ensure your rainbow isn’t going to scramble as you move the jar. Tie a ribbon around the jar and add a special label if you so desire. Ta da! Gift the rainbow!




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