Spooky Petri Dish Halloween Dessert

It’s that time of year, everyone! ¬†Halloween is the one occasion where gross looking snacks are not only appropriate but expected. We picked up this kit at Target for $4.99 to make our science-experiment-gone-wrong desserts. While it wasn’t a bad deal at all considering the gummy eyeballs and tongues aren’t cheap this time of year, you definitely can do this at home without the kit. The stores are packed with gummy body parts and gelatin is always easy to find. As for the petri dishes, ours were cracked and broken, one beyond use, so you may have better luck buying your own or using some sort of container lid. Use custard ramekins in a pinch!


If you’re taking notes to make these without the kit, you’ll need petri dishes (the set includes 4, but you’ll want more if you have a whole box of gelatin), lime gelatin, and assorted gummy body parts or creepy things. Some gummy bugs and spiders would be cute!



All you need to do is make the gelatin and pour it into your dishes, filling them about 1/3 full. After that, let the kids drop in their creepy gummy candies and you have a fun after school edible craft! When they’re done loading them with creepies, stick the petri dishes in the refrigerator until dessert (at least 45 minutes).




These would be a lot of fun as a Halloween party treat for kids and adults! You could make it a party activity to create your own or just make a tray in advance to serve. We had just as much fun eating them as we did making them!


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