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Spooky Petri Dish Halloween Dessert


It’s that time of year, everyone!  Halloween is the one occasion where gross looking snacks are not only appropriate but expected. We picked up this kit at Target for $4.99 to make our science-experiment-gone-wrong desserts. While it wasn’t a bad deal at all considering the gummy eyeballs and tongues aren’t cheap this time of year, […]

Modern Art Kiwi Crate


Since this was our first Kiwi Crate, and I may have ordered a little late in the month, I think we got ours later than the average subscriber. If you haven’t heard about Kiwi Crate, it’s a monthly subscription craft box for kids. Each craft comes with everything needed for two crafts and super-easy-to-follow instructions. […]

St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Jars


Well… I had intended to post these in time for St. Patrick’s Day, but since I’m too late for that and too impatient to wait a whole year for leprechauns to be relevant again, let’s just be honest; no one is ever going to be disappointed about receiving a jar full of rainbow. Ever! You may be […]